New Product: AeroFlex AeroFix Insulated Pipe Supports

New Product: AeroFlex AeroFix Insulated Pipe Supports

Posted by BIP - Aeroflex Aerofix Testing/Datasheets on 9th May 2024

We are happy to introduce a new product to our online catalog, the Aeroflex Aerofix insulated pipe supports.

Aerofix insulated pipe supports are designed for use with EPDM and elastomeric rubber foam insulation systems.  These types of closed cell insulations are soft and easily compress when put under the stress of a pipe support point.  The Aerofix pipe supports can easily withstand the weight of the pipe at these support points while also maintaining the thermal performance and vapor barrier of rubber pipe insulation systems.  In fact, Aerofix pipe supports are rated with a 227psi compressive strength (up to 3") and 341psi (4" to 9").

Aerofix pipe supports consist of a high density rigid polymeric core that is lined with closed-cell EPDM foam rubber and encased with a zero-perm, weather-proof and corrosion-proof EPDM membrane. Aerofix pipe supports have a built-in self-seal ProTape closure to ensure seamless EPDM protection and fast and easy install.

AeroFlex AeroFix Insulated Pipe Supports


  • Wide Temperature Range: -328°F to 257°F
  • Thermal Conductivity: K = 0.245 (Btuin./hrft2°F)
  • Water Vapor Permeability (Perm-inch): 0.00
  • Compatible for use with Pipe Shields
  • Self-Extinguishing (ASTM D635)


  • Extreme High Strength - easily bears heavy loads without crushing
  • Fully air-tight solution - maintains vapor and moisture barriers
  • Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)
  • Health Product Declaration (HPD)
  • Indoor Advantage™ Gold Certified for low chemical emissions
  • Prevents thermal bridging
  • Reduces potential for under-insulation corrosion (CUI)
  • Saves installation labor - no field fabrication required
  • UV Resistant
  • Absorbs pipe vibration
  • Similar to Armacell Armafix and K-Flex 360 Pipe Supports
  • Works with common pipe hanger systems (clevis, strut channel, pipe clamps, etc.)

AeroFlex AeroFix Insulated Pipe Supports


Please read the following instructions to determine the correct size Aerofix pipe support to order. Please feel free to contact us for help or to double check your selected sizes.
There are two options to select, the pipe size and the insulation thickness. The insulation thickness refers to the wall thickness which should match the thickness of rubber pipe insulation being installed on the pipe. This can range from 1/2" up to 2" thickness.

The next is the Pipe Size which is described first by the Pipe OD (Outer Diameter) that the pipe support will fit on. Next in parenthesis will be the CT= Copper Tube ID (Inner Diameter) and then IPS= Iron Pipe Size ID (Inner Diameter)

For Example: 7/8 in. (3/4 CT | 1/2 IPS)
This pipe support fits a pipe with a 7/8 inch OD (the outer diameter of the pipe).
3/4 CT refers to this fitting a 3/4 inch Copper Tube Size (ID)
1/2 IPS refers to this fitting a 1/2 inch Iron Pipe Size (ID)

AeroFlex AeroFix Insulated Pipe Supports