Bass Trap Corner Impaling Brackets

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Per Box (4 lefts & 4 rights)

"Time to Cut the Corners!" - Low Frequencies (bass) tend to build up in the corners of a  room, so "cutting" the corner and installing thick bass traps in each corner will eliminate unwanted room noise.  Installing bass traps in corners is one of the more difficult DIY projects unless you have the correct acoustical insulation impaling clips. So stop leaning that bass trap panel in the corner, or get rid of that bass trap stand today!

Bass Trap Corner Impaling Brackets are used to easily install Acoustic Bass Traps in the corners of a sound studio or home theatre. These acoustical insulation impaling clips are made out of heavy galvanized steel and are precision cut on a 45 degree angle with two 1 inch impaling prongs on each bracket. Once the acoustical insulation impaling clips are installed onto the walls, the Bass Trap panels (fiberglass / mineralwool) are pressed onto the large impaling prongs which will hold the panel securely.

They are sold in boxes that contain 8 clips total (4 left and 4 right) that will install 2  Bass Traps.


1.  For a standard 24" wide panel, measure out from the corner of the wall 16-3/4" and make a mark on both walls at the height of your panel.

2.  Use a level in between the two marks and adjust marking to ensure the brackets will be level with each other.

3.  Place the bracket so the prongs are facing up and the non-pronged side is against the wall, the mark on the wall should be lined up with the front of the bracket (the bend of the bracket). Use screws or drywall expansion screws (if not on a stud) in the two pre drilled screw holes on the non-prong side.

4.  Repeat the above steps for the bottom two brackets which on a standard 24" x 48" bass trap should be approx 40" apart from the top brackets.

5.  With the use of a level, press the bass trap panel into all 4 of the impaling brackets and slightly press downward.


Unit Of Measure:
Per Box (4 lefts & 4 rights)
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    Sanity Savers

    Posted by David T. on 22nd Nov 2021

    I looked around for alternatives and wish I could get that time back. Just buy em!!

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    Found what I needed

    Posted by Unknown on 25th May 2017

    Finding these corner brackets for a good price is rather a bit more difficult than I thought it would be. I'm very satisfied with my order, quality build and the prongs are reasonably sharp. I used only 4 brackets for a 6' x 2' x 6" Corning 703 bass trap and it is holding up very well. Processing and shipping was surprisingly fast. I'll definitely order more from here if I need to.

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    Great Product!

    Posted by Shane S on 30th Dec 2015

    Simple and easy to use. They are cheap. They work great! I will definitely buy these again. Thank you!