Aluminum FlexClad 250

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Price: $210.00
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Per Roll (3ft Wide x 50ft Long)
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FlexClad 250 is a self-adhering, sheet-type protective aluminum waterproofing membrane. On top of this waterproof duct insulation is an embossed, UV resistant aluminum weathering surface. Under the aluminum is a double layer of tough, high density polyethylene reinforcement. Under the polyethylene is a uniform layer of aggressive rubberized asphalt adhesive which sticks directly to metal, insulation facings (FSK/FRK) and most other clean, dry surfaces. The self-adhesive surface of this outdoor waterproof insulation is protected by a disposable release paper.


Designed specifically to protect ductwork, apply the FlexClad-250 aluminum waterproofing membrane over rigid board insulation, cold pipes, plenums and storage tanks. This outdoor waterproofing membrane weatherproofs, resists water leaks and vapor transmission, preserves the efficiency of thermal insulation and reflects sunlight to reduce interior temperatures. The FlexClad-250 exterior ductwork weatherproofing jacket is designed for exterior or interior use and it may be used in direct burial applications.


  • All-weather, durable & puncture-resistant – Use this aluminum cladding for duct in place of rigid aluminum jacket or fabric/mastic systems
  • Exceeds 25/50 Flame/Smoke Rating (0/5 actual test results
  • Self-stick application saves time, labor, materials, and equipment
  • Seals at laps; resists moisture; protects metal & insulation
  • Excellent elongation to accommodate structural movement
  • Uniform thickness for optimum waterproofing performance
  • Self-seals around punctures and penetrations

Width: 36" Wide
Length: 50 Feet Long
SF Coverage: 150 sf /roll

FlexClad 250 Datasheet

5+ ROLLS: $205/ROLL
10+ ROLLS: $195/ROLL

Unit Of Measure:
Per Roll (3ft Wide x 50ft Long)