Aluminum Banding Roll (200 ft)

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Price: $45.00
Unit Of Measure:
200 Linear Feet
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Aluminum Banding is used by mechanical insulators to secure aluminum pipe jacket covers over pipe insulation.   Aluminum Banding is 1/2" wide .020" thick aluminum strapping which is coiled and stored in a cardboard box.  The box allows the coil to be easily measured and cut without the coil coming undone. Aluminum Banding can be cut to size with an Aluminum Seal Clip installed to make a "Fab-Strap" which is then used to secure aluminum jacket and fitting covers.


  • Aluminum Pipe Jacketing (2-3 straps per 3ft section)
  • Aluminum 90° Fitting Covers (2 straps per pair)
  • Aluminum 45° Fitting Covers (2 straps per pair)
  • Aluminum End Cap (1 strap)
  • Aluminum Tee Cover (3 straps)


Metal Type: Aluminum 
Thickness: .020"
Width: 1/2"
Length: 200 ft

Unit Of Measure:
200 Linear Feet

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