Boss 813 Firestop Foam (12 oz)

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BOSS 813 Firestop Foam is one of the only expanding foams that meets ASTM E-84 / UL 1479!

BOSS 813 Firestop Foam can be used on any commercial or residential construction where the code calls for a UL system for penetration of cables, etc. through drywall, concrete or wood. (Please consult the UL directory for a full list of approved systems). BOSS 813 Foam can also be used as a fireblock/draftstop in non-fire rated construction. BOSS 813 Foam is a fire rated foam that prevents the spread of fire, smoke and toxic gasses from one compartment to another, while still maintaining the integrity of the Firewall. BOSS 813 Firestop Foam has excellent insulation and acoustic properties, and is also paintable (after inspection).

BOSS 813 Firestop Foam meets or exceeds all building codes including the new International Building Code. BOSS 813 has been tested to ASTM E-814 , UL 1479 and ASTM E-84. BOSS 813 has been tested as a Through Penetration Firestop for 1 & 2 hour fire rated construction. BOSS 813 must be installed as tested to achieve a 1 or 2 hour rating.

Order 12+ Cans = $25.25/can ($3.74 savings)


• Will adhere to almost any substrate

• Installed in seconds, reducing labor costs by up to 90%

• Ideal for hotels, hospitals, prisons, condominiums, single and two family homes

• Paintable

• Can be used on vertical or horizontal applications

• Excellent acoustic and thermal insulation

• Unaffected by moisture or humidity after curing

• CFC Free

• VOC Compliant

Unit Of Measure:
Per Can (12 oz)
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    Boss 813 Firestop

    Posted by Albert J on 22nd Mar 2016

    Unlike the popular orange expanding foam, this pink stuff does not have much of an odor at all -- which I appreciate. I have used it to make urgent daytime installations and repairs in Class A office environments with no complaints from the office users about any lingering odors. Matter of fact the only question I've had about that is, why doesn't it smell... I've used this as part of repairs to sound-rated walls to about where they were before, rating-wise. Just make sure it blocks the voids without stuffing the cavity and without fusing any resilient channel to any studs. If you have an insulated stud wall, just fill the penetration at the level of the drywall bit by bit until you close the hole(s). Does a good job and protects my maintenance business base and referrals among people who are used to and will pay for better quality work.

    *Albert, we agree that the new Boss 813 foam is a special product that is getting very positive reviews. We are glad you like it! ~ BIP

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