Round Brass Valve Tags (Custom)

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Round Brass Valve Tags are used to identify valves by describing the type of pipe as well as the valve number.  Unlike other sites, we do not force you to buy tags in series of 25 custom valve tags which is not practical for smaller jobs.  On our site you can customize your valve tags for any job, big or small!

How It works:

Each tag comes with 2 lines, the top line is usually used to identify the type of pipe the valve is on.  For example, Cold Water would be shortened to "CW".  You can choose up to 5 characters (letters and/or numbers).  The top line is 1/4" tall.

The bottom line is used to number the valve.  You can choose a number up to 3 digits long.  The numbers are 1/2" tall.

To Order Online- Type in the top line and bottom number and add to the cart.  If you need a long series of the same pipe description, you may contact us for a smoother ordering process.

AC - Air Conditioning
AIR - Air
CHW - Chilled Water
CHWR - Chilled Water Return
COND - Condensate
CW - Cold Water
CWS - Cold Water Supply
HW - Hot Water
HWR - Hot Water Return
GAS - Gas
STM - Steam

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