Poly Sheeting 20' x 100'

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Unit Of Measure:
Per Roll (20ft Wide x 100ft Long)

Poly Sheeting is used by asbestos removal contractors to seal off "Asbestos Containment" areas which isolate the hazardous work area from other areas and occupants in the building.  Poly sheeting is hung on the walls, ceilings, and floors and block windows and doorways to contain asbestos fibers from escaping.  Poly Sheeting is usually temporarily hung throughout the work area by use of duct tape, red stucco tape, or staples.

Poly Sheeting Dimensions

*Sold per Roll
Roll Width: 20ft
Roll Length: 100ft
Roll Square Footage: 2,000 sf
Color: Milky White
Flame Retardant: Yes
Thickness: 4, 5, or 6 mil

*Please note that the asbestos industry standard for polyurethane sheeting is 6 mil thickness.

Poly sheeting is hung with staples, duct tape, and red stucco polyethylene tape.

Unit Of Measure:
Per Roll (20ft Wide x 100ft Long)