King Tacks PVC Fitting Tacks (50 Tack Bag)

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Bag of 50 Tacks

King Tacks are used as a closure system for PVC insulation fitting covers.  King Tacks are stainless steel annular serrated tacks with rounded heads. The entire insulation tack is coated with an oxford non-corrosive white sealant which helps prevent rust and corrosion. The head is rounded to provide maximum comfort on the thumb during installation.

  King Tacks are used primarily as part of the closure system of PVC jacketing and fittings over fiberglass pipe insulation. The sharpened point of the stainless steel tack allows easy puncture of PVC jacketing and fittings up to .30mil thickness.  King Tacks have a unique annular serration which creates a superior hold of the PVC materials.

 50 PVC Tacks

*Please note the 50 Tack bag can close approx 12-25 PVC Fittings (2 tacks per 90°/45° Elbow & 4 tacks per Tee)

If you need more tacks please see our 100 Tack Bottle or King Tack Bottles (500 Tacks)

Unit of Measure:
Bag of 50 Tacks
  • 5
    You will want these on hand for your PVC elbows and Tees!

    Posted by Adam on 1st Nov 2018

    These work great for the PVC covers. Easy to push in with your thumb, and they are barbed in a way that keeps them from coming back out. They are worth getting.

  • 5
    Works easily

    Posted by Todd M. on 7th Aug 2018

    The PVC fitting tacks make the installation of the PVC joint covers a snap and blend right in to make a clean finished look.

  • 5
    Works great

    Posted by Joe on 2nd Feb 2017

    These give a secure hold with fairly easy installation on the PVC covers from this site. One of the videos available suggests putting the tack through one of the two sides before installing it on the pipe, which was a great tip. I also found it much easier to put the tacks point-up on a table and press the PVC layer down onto them. It can be hard to grip the small tack when wearing gloves for that first punch-through, so the table trick served me well.

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