GVS Elipse P100 Nuisance Odor Replacement Filters (Pair)

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Unit Of Measure:
Pair of 2 Filters

Replacement P100 Nuisance Odor Filters for the GVS Elipse P100 Half-Face Respirator.

P100 HESPA nuisance odor filter has a filter efficiency of 99.995% (P100) and includes a carbon layer designed to remove low level odors and gases that could be unpleasant as well as harmful to health. Order a 2-pack of GVS Elipse P100 filters today!

Sold in a pack of 2 filters.

WARNINGAsbestos is a health hazard.  Proper precautions should be taken at all times when working with or near asbestos containing materials including wearing a respirator and properly sealing off the work area from other parts of the building. *Do not over order this product as asbestos removal/encapsulating products are not eligible for returns or exchanges.

Unit Of Measure:
Pair of 2 Filters