Green/White Arrow Roll for Pipe ID Labels

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Price: $39.99
Unit of Measure:
Per Roll (2" x 90ft)

Pipe arrow labels are adhesive backed label strips that are used in conjunction with Pipe ID Labels to show the pipe flow.  The directional arrow stickers are wrapped around the circumference of the pipe insulation to mark the flow of the pipe.  To meet ANSI & ASME A13.1 specifications, two wraps are required per Pipe ID Label.


  • Labels are made from durable outdoor grade vinyl
  • Aggressive acrylic adhesive provides excellent adhesion to ASJ jacketing
  • Provides ANSI / ASME compliance
  • Large Roll Size (2" wide x 90 feet long)
  • Approx 720 Arrows per Roll


First adhere the main Pipe ID Label onto the pipe insulation.  Measure the circumference of the pipe insulation and then cut 2 strips off the Arrow Rolls (make sure to cut a longer strip than the circumference).  Adhere the arrow band strips facing the correct pipe flow direction on the two edges of the main Pipe ID Label.  Use of a squeegee is recommended.

Unit of Measure:
Per Roll (2" x 90ft)