Color PVC Sample Pin Wheel

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Price: $2.00
Maximum Purchase:
1 unit
Unit Of Measure:
Each (Contains all 14 Colors)

Color charts on computers or phone screens can look different than the actual color in person.  If you need to match our PVC colors with existing piping, or if you just want to match a paint color or design you will want to pickup one of the PVC Color Pinwheels.

The pinwheels contains small samples of cut PVC Jacket for each of the colors we sell. 

*Pinwheels can be added to an existing cart for a $2 charge.  If you have no other items in the cart please select the option for "The Pinwheel is the only item in my cart" for $6 which covers USPS shipping costs.

Unit Of Measure:
Each (Contains all 14 Colors)

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