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How to Install Ideal Seal 777 Aluminum Cladding over HVAC Duct Insulation Board

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How to Install Ideal Seal 777 Aluminum Cladding over HVAC Duct Insulation Board

Ideal Seal 777 Insulation Jacketing system is a high performance 6-ply laminate that provides a total vapor barrier and complete moisture protection for insulation cladding and jacketing applications.  Ideal Seal 777 can be used as a UV and weather protectant for exterior duct insulation as well as bare metal (non-insulated) ductwork.

The first step is to ensure that the duct insulation is properly fastened to the duct as well as all seams/joints are sealed with foil or FSK tape.  Pin heads and washers should be covered with tape to prevent puncturing the cladding.  The exterior surface of the insulation (FSK paper) should be dry and clean.

STEP 1: Measure the bottom of the duct and add 6" to 8" and cut your first section.  Begin to peel back the release liner and adhere it to the bottom of the duct making sure that it's centered.  ***Remember that this adhesive can be reset prior to rubbing in, which allows possible resetting if needed***  Once in position rub the cladding on the duct with a squeegee or back of your knife.

STEP 2-3:  Measure the height of the sides of the ductwork, cut sections approximately a half inch shorter and install making sure to overlap the wings of the bottom section. Repeat step for other side as well.

STEP 4:  Measure the top of the duct and again add 6" to 8" and cut your section.  Install on the top of the duct making sure the top section overlaps the sides by 3" to 4".

*Do not reverse steps 1 and 4, these steps are done in order to allow proper watershed over the downward facing seams.  Water should not be able to sit on an upward facing seam which can lead to eventual product failure.

Ideal Seal 777 Cladding Installation Instructions


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