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Fiberglass Rigid Board w/Facings

Fiberglass Rigid Board w/Facings

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Manufacturer: Certainteed
UOM:: Sold per Package (see square footage per thickness)
Availability:: Stock Item
Price: $67.54
$88.03 1" FSK Board 3# (96sf)
$83.33 1-1/2" ASJ Board 3# (64sf)
$73.92 1-1/2" FSK Board 3# (64sf)
$75.94 2" ASJ Board 3# (48sf)
$67.54 2" FSK Board 3# (48sf)
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Fiberglass Board Insulation is used to insulate heating ducts and equipment. Fiberglass Board is designed for systems which operate below ambient temperatures where vapor barrier protection is required. Fiberglass Board is ideal for application on commercial and industrial heating, air conditioning, power and process equipment. On systems operating below ambient temperatures, all seams should be tightly sealed with ASJ, Foil, or FSK tapes depending on the desired finish. 

At Buy Insulation fiberglass board insulation is sold per package. Each individual board is 8 square feet.
1" thickness is 96sf (12 pieces)
1-1/2" thickness is 64sf (8 pieces)
2" thickness is 48sf (6 pieces)

Two different types of facing are available: 
-  ASJ facing which is a white paper with reinforced skrim
-  FSK facing which is an aluminum facing with reinforced skrim (aka. FRK)


*If you would like to order large quantities of our 2ft x 4ft board products, please feel free to contact us regarding special shipping promotions.
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