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Fiberglass Pipe Insulation Accessory Items You May Need

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Fiberglass Pipe Insulation Accessory Items

This post is to help show off some of the lesser known accessory items that you may be interested in when installing fiberglass pipe insulation.  We find that some customers order pipe insulation and realize during install that they should have ordered some other products as well.

ASJ Max Tape

Each 3 foot section of our Fiberglass Pipe Insulation comes with a complimentary butt strip tape (matching the white ASJ jacketing) that is used to connect two sections of pipe insulation together.  This is enough tape only if you are installing the pipe insulation on a straight pipe.  Once you start cutting sections to accommodate pipe fittings you will find the need for additional ASJ tape.  Two options are available, the standard 150ft long roll and our 25ft short roll which is nice for smaller projects. *MUST NEED*

PVC Fitting Covers & Jacketing

When installing fiberglass pipe insulation you will notice that your piping has numerous fittings including tees, 90/45 degree elbows, unions etc.  Not insulating these fittings can cost you approximately 15-20% of your system's thermal efficiency.  Some customers will try to miter cut the pipe insulation to insulate the 90 elbows but this involves more labor and results in an unprofessional look.  PVC fitting covers are made for each type of pipe fitting and are installed with an included fiberglass insert wrap which the PVC cover goes over.  PVC fitting covers create a completely sealed system that looks professional. *HIGHLY RECOMMENDED*

PVC Fitting Closure Item

PVC Fitting Covers can be closed with multiple products that all have varying pros and cons for each piping system. 

PVC Vinyl Tape (1st photo) is used to seal PVC fitting covers on cold water or chilled piping because it can seal the vapor barrier to prevent warm humid air from slipping under the fitting cover and causing condensation.  PVC Vinyl Tape is not UV resistant, so we only recommend its use on interior projects.  

King Tacks (2nd photo) are white stainless steel serrated tacks that are pushed through the overlapping PVC to create a tight and permanent closure.  King Tacks are used on hot piping where a vapor barrier is not needed and are used mostly on interior project.

Perma-Weld Adhesive (3rd photo) is a PVC bonding adhesive that actually melts the PVC together to create an airtight and water tight seal.  Perma-Weld is a must for PVC jacketing and fitting covers that are located outside to prevent water from entering the PVC system.  Perma-Weld is also required by the USDA/FDA for food/beverage processing, pharmaceuticals, clean rooms, etc where "wash-downs" will occur.

Proto-One Adhesive (4th photo) is the low VOC version of Perma-Weld and is a strong adhesive that has the same applications as Perma-Weld.  *MUST NEED WHEN USING PVC*

Aluminum Fitting Covers & Jacketing

Aluminum Fitting Covers and Jacketing is installed over fiberglass pipe insulation in industrial applications and exterior piping.  Aluminum creates a weather and UV resistant barrier which protects the insulation in outdoor piping systems. *POSSIBLY NEEDED*

Wrap-On Pipe Heating Cable

If you are installing Fiberglass Pipe Insulation to help with pipes freezing, you will need to first install a Pipe Heating Cable.  Pipe Heating Cables heat the pipe when ambient temps get below 38F and prevent the pipe from freezing.  Wrap-On heating cables are energy efficient and the thermostat only turns the cable on when necessary.  Pipe Heating Cables come in lengths of 3ft up to 100ft. *POSSIBLY NEEDED*

Insulation Mastic

Insulation mastic is a fibrous paint that is applied to fiberglass edges to maintain a vapor barrier and to seal the insulation from water penetration.  The two most common mastics are CP-11 (brush grade) and CP-10 (trowel grade). For smaller projects we recommend Pipe Paint which comes in a smaller quart pail. *POSSIBLY NEEDED*

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