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Fiberglass Pipe Insulation

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  • Owens Corning Fiberglass Pipe Insulation with ASJ Max Jacketing and SSLII Double Adhesive Closure System
  • Owens Corning Fiberglass Pipe Insulation with ASJ Max Jacketing and SSLII Double Adhesive Closure System
  • Owens Corning ASJ Max Fiberglass Pipe Insulation Benefits
  • Iron Sizing Chart for Pipe Insulation
  • Copper Sizing Chart for Pipe Insulation
  • Owens Corning Fiberglass Pipe Insulation with ASJ Max Jacketing and SSLII Double Adhesive Closure System
Owens Corning / Johns Manville
Unit Of Measure:
Per 3ft Section

 Product Description

Fiberglass Pipe Insulation covering is intended as a thermal insulation for both hot and cold service piping from -20°F to 1000°F.  The pipe insulation is molded from heavy density resin bonded glass fibers that come in 3 foot long hinged sections. The fiberglass is wrapped with white All-Service Jacketing with a self-sealing lap (ASJ/SSL) for a quick and secure installation. Each 3 foot section of pipe insulation comes with a butt-strip tape (matching the white ASJ jacketing) that is used to connect two sections of pipe insulation together.

Typical Uses Include:

  • Domestic Hot & Cold Water Pipes
  • Hot Water Heating Pipes
  • High Temperature Pipes
  • Dual Temperature Pipes
  • Steam Pipes (Low to High Pressure)
  • Condensate Lines
  • Refrigerated / Chilled Liquid Pipes

Choosing The Correct Size:  There are two sizes you need to choose when ordering, the "Pipe Size" and the "Insulation Thickness".  The insulation thickness is the wall thickness of the fiberglass which varies from 1/2" up to 3" thick. For help selecting a fiberglass pipe insulation thickness see our Fiberglass Thickness Guide  To determine which Pipe Size to order please see the link below (Note: Pipe Size is NOT the same as the pipe diameter):


Installation Instructions:

To install pipe covering, simply open the hinged part of the pipe insulation and place the opening over the pipe. The fiberglass pipe insulation will self-close around the pipe. Once the fiberglass is fitted snug around the pipe, peel the release paper from the self-sealing lap and press the ASJ/SSL jacket closed from the middle towards the edges of the pipe insulation. Make sure to rub the jacket closed to ensure a secure seal.  Seal two sections together with a piece of butt strip tape making sure to rub the tape to create a secure seal.  Additional ASJ MAX Tape is recommended for large projects and projects that require multiple cuts of the insulation.  Use of PVC Fitting Covers for elbows, tees, unions and other pipe fittings should be installed after installing fiberglass pipe insulation. 

For more information: Fiberglass Pipe Insulation Datasheet


White ASJ Jacketing:  A large majority of the pipe insulation we ship is the new Owens Corning ASJ Max pipe insulation while some larger sizes and (3 x 1/2, 3-1/8 x 1/2, 4 x 1/2, and 4-1/8 x 1/2) will be Johns Manville Micro-Loc HP.  The new ASJ Max jacketing has a poly top-coat over the ASJ paper which makes it easier to wipe clean and slightly water resistant (cannot be left exposed outdoors).

SSLII Double Adhesive Closure System: Owens Corning fiberglass pipe insulation comes with the advanced SSLII Closure System which utilizes two strips of adhesive rather than the standard SSL closure system which is has only one strip.  The SSLII system ensures a tight and secure closure of the ASJ Max jacket and prevents any unexpected opening of the jacket after install.

NOTE: Each unit is 3 linear feet of pipe covering. For example, if you need 9 linear feet, you only need to order 3 units.



 insulator-kit-small.pngGet a FREE Professional Insulator Kit
with any purchase of over 150 ft of Fiberglass Pipe Insulation

TIP: We highly recommend ordering a roll of ASJ Max Tape with your order of Fiberglass Pipe Insulation to ensure you have enough tape to completely seal your piping system.  Every cut made between fittings (tees / 90s etc) will result in the need for more tape. ASJ Max Tape also comes in 25'er Short Rolls for smaller projects.



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 Product Videos

Fiberglass Pipe Insulation Installation Instructions
  • Fiberglass Pipe Insulation Installation Instructions
    This is a basic tutorial that covers how to measure your pipe ...

 Product Reviews

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  1. Great product, great price, less shipping and handling then others I researched

    Posted by Christopher L. on 6th Aug 2018

    Great product, great price, less shipping and handling then others I researched. Easy to install, convenient PVC fittings for non hassle tees and 9o’s. I have ordered twice And will be doing so again.

  2. Easy to install

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jun 2018

    This pipe insulation is easy to install and easy to cut out for hard to manage tight spaces and pipe hangers.

  3. Excellent Insulation at a great price!

    Posted by Justin S. on 2nd Jun 2018

    This winter during a very long cold snap in Minnesota I realized my hot water baseboard heat was not keeping up, even though it ran all day. I measured the heat at my first radiator and realized I was losing over 30 degrees in the 15 feet from my boiler to the radiator, which seemed like a ton. After searching around for good insulation and only finding cheap foam insulation I found Buyinsulationproducts.com and ordered some 1" fiberglass insulation. I covered the pipe from my boiler to the radiator and as much other pipe I could get to from the exposed ceiling in my basement and the change was dramatic. Now I lose less than 10 degrees, probably less than 5, really and my house is noticeably warmer and my boiler does not have to work as hard. Very happy to be able to find this in so many thickness options. So much better than foam insulation and pretty easy to install.

  4. Excellent pipe insulation and quality manufacturing

    Posted by Victor P. on 28th May 2018

    Product is easy to work with and the finished outcome looks like Bob Dylan did the job... Will be using it in my next project.

  5. 1" Thick Fiberglass Insulation and Fittings

    Posted by Alfred R. on 8th May 2018

    I have a hot water heating system on the shoreline in Southeastern Connecticut. The wind howls off the water in the winter and the insulation on my 1" copper insures that no heat is lost in my basement which is 80 feet long. Insulating my heating system is the better part of all the money spent on it, the best investment I or anyone else can make for fuel savings in the long run.
    This company sells a good product that is easy to install. Shipping is a bit pricey but that is to be expected with the length of the product.
    Highly recommend purchase from this company.

  6. Excellent product

    Posted by Don H. on 18th Apr 2018

    This insulation is so much better than the crappy pool noodles sold at big box stores. Goes on easily and STAYS. One area needed more protection than the paper covering could provide so by using thin guage aluminum (I think they stock it cut to fit ) and wire ties it was easy to cover. The only complaint I have is that according to the installation video it comes 5 to a box with adhesive strips. I ordered 22 pieces and it all came in one box with the tee and 90 covers along with a roll of tape i bought. It didnt travel well and the complimentary strips of adhesive tape werent included which was a disappointment because it would have been a big help under my very tight crawl space. It would definitely have made for a quicker and neater job.
    Great product and customer service but packaging should have been better.

    *Don, each different size comes in boxes of various quantities. Our warehouses repack the materials into shipping friendly boxes. Each piece of fiberglass pipe insulation comes with a piece of tape which is usually packed in a plastic bag on the top/bottom of the box. My apologies that they were missing from your order. ~ BIP

  7. Happy Customer

    Posted by Ed on 11th Apr 2018

    I replaced the insulation on the pipes for our steam boiler. Product was easy to use and arrived very quickly after I placed the order. Website was very helpful on how to measure, etc. Only suggestion is to consider thicker insulation. I ordered the recommended 1 inch thickness, but can feel some amount of heat loss through the insulation when the boiler is running. I had installed a thicker, more dense insulation on a similar boiler system (also more expensive) with no noticeable heat loss. Overall, I am very satisfied wit this insulation.

    *Ed, I am glad you are happy with our products and services. We recommend at least 1" thickness on steam piping. Although 1-1/2" or 2" thickness is preferred, most customers choose 1" thickness for the cost effectiveness and lower shipping costs.

  8. Easiest way to insulate pipes.

    Posted by Jeff C. on 3rd Apr 2018

    These come in 3' sections and include a piece of foil backed tape to seal the joint where the pieces butt together. Take the time to get the right size by using the charts on this site. With the right size you get a perfect fit. Also pay attention to how much room you have around the pipes. Although thicker insulation is better, it does you no good if you can't use the piece because there is not enough clearance. You can order thinner sections for tight spots or fill in around difficult places with pieces of unfaced batt insulation and use the tape (you can order extra by the roll) to keep it in place. I used floral wire to hold it where I wanted so I could neatly tape it up for a finished look. You can make the job look really nice with this product and the pvc covers for elbows, tees and unions

  9. Better than expected

    Posted by Peter K. on 21st Mar 2018

    I got the 1 inch insulation and it worked great! So much better quality then the junk at Home Depot. Easy to install and super fast shipping! They even included tape to tape them together in a run!

  10. Exactly what I was looking for

    Posted by Paul B. on 8th Mar 2018

    Great service! I found exactly what I was looking for and good website. Very fast shipping

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