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Roxul Mineral Wool Board (2

Roxul Mineral Wool Board (2" Thick 8#)

Manufacturer: Roxul
SKU: 120820
UOM:: Per Bundle (6 boards that are 2' x 4') 48 sqft
Price: $60.50
$60.50 Plain
$84.00 FRK Faced
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Roxul Mineralwool Board provides superior thermal, acoustical and personnel protection performance for boilers, precipitators, ducts and mechanical equipment operating at temperatures from subambient to 1,200°F (649°C).

The RHT 80 product is a non-combustible, rigid mineral wool insulation board that is water repellent and designed for high temperature applications where durability and compressive resistance are required. Common application areas for the RHT series of board insulation include storage tank insulations, drying/oven equipment, petro-chemical and power generating equipment protection where high temperature, fire resistance, and moisture resistance are concerns.

Dimensions:  2" thick mineralwool boards that are (2ft x 4ft) with a density of 8 lbs/cf.  Sold in boxes of 6 boards for a total of 48sf.

Superior thermal conductivity Wide range of service temperatures Low in-service shrinkage; 0% @ 1,050°F (551°C)
Good compressive strength
Easy to fabricate
Less dusty

Boilers, furnaces and ovens
Heat exchangers, catalytic reducers and precipitators
Reactors, tanks and vessels
Process ducting and plenums
Silencers and acoustical baffles

*Please Choose Facing Type:
PLAIN = No facing on either side of board
FRK FACING = Reinforced Silver Foil Facing on 1 side of board, the other side is left plain.

*If you would like to order large quantities of our 2ft x 4ft board products, please feel free to contact us regarding special shipping promotions.


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