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Fab-Strap Seal Crimping Tool

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This all-new hand tool makes the menial job of putting seals (or clips) on banding for aluminum and stainless steel banding more precise and pain-free.  Industrial insulators know that making thousands of fab-straps is a painful task which usually ends with fingers full of band-aids and arthritis in your knuckles.  This tool makes this job easier and less painful.

Besides just industrial insulators, this tool can also be used for any other trade that uses a wing-seal and banding.

While the instructions may seem complicated and/or confusing, once you have the tool in hand you will have a better understanding of how to work it.  Like most tools, the more time/practice you spend using the tool the faster and easier it will become.  

Find out more about our Fab-Strap Seal Crimping Tool

Raise seal holder into upright position.

Slide seal onto holder with wings at the top and facing downward.

Lower seal holder until the holder locks in place.

Insert banding between the seal and the seal holder about 1" to 1-1/2" past the top of the seal.

Hold band in place with one hand while lowering the handle downward bending the band over the seal, press hard to lock seal in place.

Once fully crimped, bring handle back into the open position revealing the crimped seal.

While still holding the band in place, raise the seal holder into the upright position while bending the band backward.

The end result - A precisely crimped seal at the end of a fab-strap.

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