High-Temp Silicone Spray Coating

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Price: $12.50
Unit Of Measure:
12 oz Spray Can

High-Temp Silicone Spray Coating provides long lasting moisture and abrasion protection for High-Temp Fiberglass Tape.  Silicone Spray Sealant is designed to penetrate the fiberglass and leave a coating which resists moisture as well as dirt, oils, and abrasion.  High-Temp Silicone Spray can withstand temperatures of up to 1500°F so it can also be used to seal the ends of the piping/equipment and the fiberglass tape.

Product Features

  • Seals Fiberglass Tape from water, oil, and grime
  • Heat protection up to 1500°F
  • For use with High Temp Fiberglass Tape as well as
    • Exhaust pipe and muffler wraps
    • Engine Blocks & Manifolds
  • Cure temperature: 400°F
  • Cure time: 2 hours
  • Low VOC Spray

Unit of Measure: 12 oz Spray Can
Available in 2 Color Options: Black or White


  • Make sure fiberglass is fully dry before coating
  • Spray only in a well ventilated area
  • Shake spray can before application as well as periodically during use
  • Hold can 6" away from fiberglass when spraying
  • A second coating to ensure full coverage is recommended but only after first coating fully dried
Unit Of Measure:
12 oz Spray Can

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